March 7

Glass Edging


We get many customers who come into our shop on a daily basis who seem to get the different styles of glass edging confused with one another – especially polished edges vs. bevelled. The two styles are completely different and in this blog post we will explain the differences between them, and go over each edging style to choose from. Hopefully this small post will help clear up any confusions regarding the topic, and help our customers decide which edge they want to go with.


A) Flat polished edges

Flat polished edges are the most common. We see a lot of customers get this edge confused with a bevelled edge – most likely because even though it is called a flat polish, there is a very slight miter to it. This is typically the edge most people choose to go with if you are getting a piece of glass made for your coffee table or for a mirror that has no frame. It is simple, yet modern looking.

B) Bevelled edges

Bevelled edges are different from polished edges in the way that the edge of the glass actually angles downwards. Many customers choose bevelled edges for framed mirrors or if they want a look that is very classic. Bevel sizes come in 1/2″ all the way up to 1 1/2″. Keep in mind when choosing your bevel size that if there is a frame involved, chances are some of the bevel will be blocked by the frame.

C) Arrissed edges

An arrissed edge is essentially just another term for a safe edge. The edges of the glass are ground down so the piece is safe to handle and no one will cut themselves. This edge is not that pretty to look at and is usually used for pieces where the edges will not be exposed.


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