24/7 Emergency Repairs

emergency glass repair

You might have seen us on the news while the Stanley Cup riots were taking place. We were some of the first on scene working in the havoc. All though it was a disgrace to see our beautiful city being destroyed in front of us, we took great pride in being able to give our customers piece of mind during that horrible evening, offering 24/7 emergency repairs.

Has someone broken into your residence or business? Has your residence or store front been part of an MVA? Maybe you’ve been a victim of vandalism

 What ever the case may be, Call Super Glass immediately for you emergency glass needs. We will repair all the damage that evening if possible. If not, we will board up or patch your broken window and or door.  If it is merely glass replacement you can expect to have it completely repaired within 1-2 days. If the damage is to the frame and possibly the building, the lead time on the repair will be based on the availability of the material. So please call us 24/7 if you need emergency repairs!

Make one phone call  and let us handle the rest!


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You Call, We Install! 

Located in the Kitsilano area, Super Glass has been supplying the lower mainland with all their glass needs for nearly 20 years. Give us a call at (604) 737-2255 today!