March 7

Different Styles of Glass


There are many different styles of glass (colours, patterns) to choose from. Depending on the application, the glass you choose may vary. Some customers find the process of deciding overwhelming, but this short blog post will most likely help to clarify the many choices.


Single & Double Glaze Glass Options

The most obvious choice for single glaze window glass is clear. Aside from clear there are many patterned options to choose from. You may want to consider the choices below if you are seeking more privacy. See below for examples:

Frameless Shower, Table Top and Shelving Glass Options

The most common choices are shown below:

Did you notice the difference between clear glass and starphire? The difference is that starphire glass is much clearer than traditional clear. The reason for this is because it has a low iron content which is essentially the reason that clear glass has a green tone on its edges. If you are not a fan of the green, choose starphire glass to avoid it. Remember that even though it is ultra-clear, the thicker the glass, the more noticeable the green tone will be. It will be no where near as green as it would be if you chose traditional clear, but it will still have a slight green colour in thicker pieces. If you prefer the look of frosted glass, choose satin etch – it still allows light to pass through but provides more privacy than clear or starphire glass.

Hopefully this gives you an idea on your different options. Of course there are still more to choose from such as back-painted glass and coloured glass like bronze, grey and black. For samples of these or for more information on any of the above glass types, please come by our showroom.


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